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Driving Safety Video Program

Description: "Driving Safety: Defensive Driving in a Dangerous World" is the most comprehensive general driving safety video currently available. This program was released by Black Mountain Safety & Health, Inc. on June 16th, 2006. If your trainees are tired of watching driving safety footage from the 1980's, and you're looking for a safety training tool with a fresh look then this is the program for you.

The Safe Driving Course content includes:

Basic Vehicle Maintenance for safe driving

The importance of properly inflated tire & proper tread depth.

Pre-Trip Preparation

Equipping your car with basic emegency equipment such as: spare tire, tire jack, flashlight, flash, and an air pump.

Adjusting your seat, mirrors, and steering wheel to your body.

Proper use of your seatbelt

Keeping your windshield and mirrors clean

Avoid Driving while angry, tired, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Defensive Driving Tactics for safe driving

Plan 15 Seconds Ahead Know

What's Going On Around You

Think Defensively

See and Be Seen

Backing Safely, Avoid backing when possible, Before entering your vehicle take time to look around the car, Back Slowly

Hazardous Driving Conditions, Night Driving, Driving in the Rain, Snow, or Ice,What to do in Emergencies, Skidding, Hydroplaning

The program is shipped in a useful 3-ring binder that includes a leader's guide, point-by-point course outline, 10 training certificates, and a 10 question quiz.

Click on the controls below for a sample of the movie. In order to view the clip, you must have Flash Player installed on your computer. It is easily available on the Internet at no cost if you do not have it.

Vehicle accidents kill more than 40,000 people per year in the United States. We urge you to heed the advice given in this video and study all aspects of driving safely.

To order the DVD format, call the number listed below or Click here to place your order.

Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.

Phone 702-564-2798

Fax 702-558-7672

P.O. Box 93355, Las Vegas, NV 89193


Product Number: VHS16 for VHS format or DVD16 for DVD format

Classification: General Safety & Health

Year Produced: 2006

Publisher: Black Mountain Safety and Health

Description: Defensive Driving Techniques

List Price: $99.95

Length of Video: 19 minutes

Year Produced: 2006

Publisher: Black Mountain Safety & Health, Inc.


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