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HAZWOPER Video Training Programs


We offer a full line of safety training products for HAZWOPER. These topics include: HAZWOPER training packages, Understanding HAZWOPER, Accidental Releases and Spills, Confined Space Entry, Decontamination Procedures, Electrical Safety Emergency Response, Exposure Monitoring, Fire Prevention, Handling Hazardous Materials, Heat Stress, Medical Surveillance, Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection, Chemical Hazards, Site Safety and Safety Orientation. We offer online training on these topics at a cost of $25 for each access for up to 9 accesses. Lower prices are available for greater quantity. Please call us at 702-564-2798 to register for the online courses.

These training materials are designed to assist you in meeting the various training requirements of OSHA and other regulatory agencies. For OSHA requirements, see especially the HAZWOPER video series below.

Each Video or DVD is attractively packaged in a three-ring binder and comes complete with a comprehensive Leader's Guide, Scheduling and Attendance Form, Employee Quiz, and Training Certificate.

All videos are available in Spanish but only the English versions can be ordered online. Please call us to place your order for Spanish language products.

All videos are available in either DVD or VHS format. However, because almost all customers now want the DVD format, we will automatically ship the DVD version unless you specfically state that you want the VHS format. For online ordering, you will normally have the option of selecting either format but if the option is not available, you may need to call us to order the VHS version. We are now in the process of changing our online ordering system to allow ordering of either version. The part numbers are slightly different for the VHS and DVD versions. The difference is that the third from last character is a "V" for the tape version and a "9" for the DVD version. As an example, the following part number is for the tape version:V000CSEVEW and the part number for the DVD version of the same video is: V000CSE9EW.

HAZWOPER Video Packages - Please note that there are two packages which can make your HAZWOPER training a breeze. We have a package of multiple videos to assist in training for the 40 hour HAZWOPER training course and another package of multiple tapes for the 8 hour HAZWOPER Refresher training.

Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.

Phone 702-564-2798

Fax 702-558-7672

P.O. Box 93355, Las Vegas, NV 89193

We accept returns only for defective items. Please be sure to view the sample clip before ordering. You will need to have "Flash Player" installed on your computer to view the clip. Flash Player is easily installed from the Internet at no cost if you do not already have it.

Call or fax in your order at the numbers listed above or use our online ordering system.



HAZWOPER Video Series

Click on the title for a detailed product description

DVD17 Hazardous Waste Management for Generators $295.00
V000ACC9EW Accidental Release Measures & Spill Cleanup Procedures Video Program $195.00
V000MAL9EW ANSI Material Data Safety Sheet, The Video Program $195.00
V000CSE9EW Confined Space Entry Video Program $195.00
V000DAL9EW Dealing With The Media In Emergency Situations Video Program $195.00
V000DEC9EW Decontamination Procedures Video Program $195.00
V000EHS9EW Electrical Safety in HAZMAT Environments Video Program $195.00
V000EMR9EW Emergency Response Plan Video Program - (to here in March) $195.00
V000EMM9EW Exposure Monitoring & Medical Surveillance Video Program $195.00
V000FPS9EW Fire Prevention Video Program $195.00
V000MHS9EW Handling Hazardous Materials Video Program $195.00
V000HAL9EW HAZMAT Labeling Video Program $195.00
V000HST9EW Heat Stress Video Program $195.00
V000HZR9EW Introduction to HAZWOPER Retraining Video Program $195.00
V000MED9EW Medical Surveillance Program Video Program $195.00
V000MON9EW Monitoring Procedures & Equipment Video Program $195.00
V000PED9EW Personal Protective Equipment & Decontamination Procedures Video Program $195.00
V000CPE9EW Personal Protective Equipment Video Program $195.00
V000R2S9EW Respiratory Protection Video Program $195.00
V000SAA9EW Safety Orientation Video Program $195.00
V000SHP9EW Site Safety & Health Plan Video Program, The $195.00
V000RIN9EW Understanding Chemical Hazards Video Program $195.00
V000HAZ9EW Understanding HAZWOPER Video Program $195.00
V000EXP9EW Work Practices and Engineering Controls Video Program $195.00
V000HZ69EW HAZWOPER Emergency Response: Awareness Video Package $350.00
V000HZ19EW HAZWOPER 8 Hour Annual Retraining Video Package $695.00
V000HZ79EW HAZWOPER Emergency Response: Operations Video Package $695.00
V000HZ89EW HAZWOPER Supplemental Training Video Package $1,350.00
V000HZ59EW HAZWOPER Emergency Response: HAZMAT Technician Video Package $1,795.00
V000HZ29EW HAZWOPER General Training Video Package $1,995.00
V000HZ39EW HAZWOPER Complete 40 Hour Training Video Package $2,995.00
V000HZ49EW All 23 HAZWOPER Series Programs $3,395.00

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