Jaz Frequently Asked Questions


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This information is taken from literature provided by Iomega Corporation and applied originally to the 1 GB Jaz. As of March, 1999, the 1 GB is no longer sold and has been replaced by the 2 GB Jaz. The specifications of the 2 GB Jaz should be at least as good as the 1 Gb Jaz. Much of the information below is probably still valid, but should be used with caution.

1. What configurations are available(IDE, SCSI, Internal, External)?

The drive will initially come in two Fast SCSI II versions, an Insider 3 1/2 inch model and a Portable (external) model.

2. What is the suggested retail price for the drive and disks?

Please check our prices at the link given at the bottom of this page.

3. What type of Technology does it use?

4. What are the products features and benefits?

5. What operating systems are supported?

The drive includes software drivers to support either DOS(version 4.x or greater), Windows (3.x), Windows 95 (1.x) or Macintosh OS (7.x). OS/2 drivers are also available from Iomega (OS/2 ver. 2.x or greater). Other operating systems such as Windows NT, Unix and Netware are also compatible, Iomega has technical documents available describing Jaz support for other operating systems.

6. Is a Jaz disk included?

The Jaz drive no longer ships with a Jaz disks. A CD-ROM with the software is included.

7. Which SCSI adaptors can be used?

For best compatibility and performance we suggest using Iomega SCSI adaptors, such as the Jaz Jet PCI SCSI adaptor. In addition, the drive is compatible with most ASPI compatible SCSI adaptors and drivers. We also plan to have an external parallel port SCSI adaptor available for the Jaz drive.

8. Is the Jaz drive bootable?

The Jaz drive can be used as the computers boot disk if configured properly. Normally the drive must be set to SCSI ID 0 and the SCSI adaptor must have a bootable BIOS. For example, the Jaz Jet PCI SCSI adaptor is a bootable adaptor.

9. What computers are supported?

IBM PC and compatibles (386 or greater) and Macintosh (SE or greater). Other computer systems with a SCSI interface may also be compatible. Iomega has technical documents available regarding other systems that are compatible.

10. Can I use a DOS disk in a Macintosh and vice versa?

The Jaz drive, when connected to a Macintosh, can read and write DOS, Windows and Windows 95 formatted disks using Apple's PC Exchange program (2.0 or greater). There are a number of third party vendors that offer software packages that will allow Macintosh Jaz disks to be accessed in DOS and Windows systems.

11. Can the Jaz drive be used as a network shared device?

Yes, if the proper network drivers are used (example: Adaptec SCSI adaptors with Adaptec's Network drivers). The drive can also be used to backup the server when connected to a workstation on the network without any special drivers.

12. General Product description

Portable - The Portable Jaz is a small dark green external drive that has two 50 pin high density Fast SCSI-II connectors. SCSI ID select switch (0 -7), on/off switch, and an external power supply (brick). It also includes SCSI cable, 25 - 50 HD converter, Jaz Tools disk, and floppy disks for both DOS/Windows/Windows 95 systems and Macintosh systems.

Insider - The insider Jaz is a 3 1/2 inch drive that will mount in any standard 3 1/2 inch bay. A 5 1/4 inch mounting kit, 50 pin ribbon cable, Jaz Tools disk, floppy disks for DOS/Windows/Windows 95 systems and Macintosh systems are included.

13. What software is bundled with Jaz?

The Jaz drive comes with a group of cool software utilities that allow the user to copy, backup, protect, format, catalog, and diagnose their Jaz product. Also included is Jaz Guest, a SCSI software driver that allows the Jaz drive to be easily accessed without installing permanent software drivers.

14. How long is the SCSI cable included with the Portable Jaz drive?

The cable is 5 feet long.

15. Can the Jaz drive be connected to a sampling Synthesizer that has a SCSI connection?

Yes. However, the Jaz Tools disk may not be able to be formatted by the Synthesizers operating system (SCSI command 04h is required). Iomega will swap the Jaz Tools disk for a regular Jaz disk (which can be formatted) upon request.

16. How is the Jaz drive different than other removable hard disks?

At introduction, Jaz is the world's largest and fastest removable drive system.

17. What is the access time of the Jaz?

The access time is 17 msec. The average transfer rate is 5.5 MB/sec.

18. What voltage does the Jaz require?

The Jaz has an automatic switchable power supply and will accept either American or European voltage without any other adapter.