Iomega Zip Drive (Ordering information is found here.)

Affordable personal storage to organize, move and backup your stuff...

Zip Drive Expand your hard drive without limits. Increase your storage quickly, easily and economically - as you need it. With interchangeable 100 MB Zip disks, you can have a disk for every project. And if you're using compression software, you can keep up to 200 MB of your stuff on a single Zip disk.

Take it with you. The best way to move your information - Zip drive and disks are small, light and convenient. Zip drive weighs about 1 pound and fits easily in your hand, bag or briefcase.

Backup/upgrade your hard drive. Zip drive works like your hard drive on a Macintosh or a PC. You already know how to use it. Launch and run files and applications directly from the drive.

Use Zip disks to:

Specifications *

Unlimited capacity
uses 100MB disks

Fast - use it like your hard drive
Average seek time:
29 milliseconds (using 100MB disks)
Sustained transfer rate:
0.79MB/sec. minimum
1.40MB/sec. maximum
Typical throughput
up to 60MB/minute (SCSI)

fits in your hand (7.10" x 5.35" x 1.47")
weighs about 1 pound
sits vertically or horizontally

Quiet & energy efficient
uses Iomega's Silent Spin (TM) drive technology
automatic low-power mode uses less energy

Iomega quality
dependable Zip disk and Zip drive withstand the rigors of travel
limited lifetime warranty on Zip disks
one-year warranty on Zip drive
* All specifications are subject to change and depend upon your system

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