Descriptions and explanations of the primary cables used in SCSI buses.

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There are three primary cable types used in SCSI systems. They are all generally compatible and differ in performance, reliability, ease of use, and total reliable length of bus. The Gender of a cable should always be considered, but generally speaking, SCSI devices have female ports and SCSI cables are male.

RS-232, also called DB25.

One of the first popular cable types since it existed before SCSI was developed. It contains 25 wires, one of which is grounded.

Common SCSI devices that use DB25 cabling

Other devices using DB25 cabling


One of the first cables to consider the details and problems of SCSI buses. It is named after the first company to produce the cable. It contains 50 wires, 25 of which are grounded.
Common SCSI devices which use Centronics cabling.

Mini DB50, HD50, and High Density 50pin, all mean the same thing.

Small, easy to use, and the most reliable, contains 50 wires of which 25 are grounded.
Common SCSI devices which use SCSI2-MiniDB50 cabling.

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