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REGISTRATION - To register for a course you may call us and register by phone or you may fill out a registration form at the following link and fax or email it to us. The form is in Word format and is available here. We will fax a confirmation to you within one day. It is important that you receive the confirmation, so be sure to call us if you do not get a confirmation. If you need more information about course content, we can send a course outline by fax. For those without previous experience in radiation safety, we offer a CD ($99) on Basic Radiation Safety that is useful in preparing for the course. Please ask about that or add it to your purchase order. The part number is RAD-CD1.

To purchase any of our products, you can call us or send a fax. We also have an online ordering system for various products. If you are interested in any of our courses, and need more information about the course content, please call us and we will send a course outline by fax.

Click on the following link for our email address: Our email address

If you need technical information about course content or suitability for your requirements, please contact us at 702-564-2798. Our fax number is 702-558-7672.

Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.
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