Dataviz Software for PC and MAC File Conversion

DATAVIZ Software

Sold by Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.

File Conversion Software for MAC and PC

MACLINKPLUS Translators Pro, Version 9.0 - Allows you to use PC disks and files on your MAC. Works with System 7 only. Price $109, Part No. 158783.

CONVERSIONS PLUS V4.0 - Allows you to use Macintosh disks on your PC, including reading, writing and formatting MAC disks. Works with Windows 3.X, Windows 95 and Windows NT Price $109, Part No. 158797

Software for Decoding Email

e-tachment opener - This software will decipher and decode any email and attachments that you receive. It allows you to open, view, print, decompress and save files. Price $59, Part No. 158761.

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