Book on Nuclear Energy

Book On Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear Energy - Environmental danger or solution for the 21st Century?

Author - Dr. Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart

Price $15 plus shipping. Paperback, 323 pages. (in English)

The author was chairman of the Cuban Atomic Energy Commission from 1980 to 1992. He was educated in Russia and holds a Ph.D. in physics and mathematical sciences from atomic energy institute "I.V. Kurchatov", Russia's leading atomic energy research organization. He is currently involved in the implementation of modern management systems and new research and development projects at Cuba's Ministry for Basic Industry.

The book is a wide ranging discussion of the history of nuclear energy and current prospects for nuclear power and the use of radioactive materials in industry. There is an interesting discussion of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Professor Mauricio Cumo of La Sapienza University in Rome offered the following comments about the book:

"This is a very interesting book. Rarely can you find so much and so wide a range of information in just one book. Even more rare is the ability of the author to handle so many arguments....My impression about the comprehensive nature and perspicacity of the arguments dealt with here is undoubtedly positive...and worthy of the reader's interest.

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