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NRRPT Examination - Exam Review Software

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This software allows the user to practice taking the NRRPT Examination. The user can practice with multiple choice questions similar to those on the NRRPT examination. The questions are randomly selected from a master data base of hundreds of questions so that each practice exam has a varied and randomly selected content. The software also allows you to check for the correct answer to each question and it also scores each quiz.

This software is designed to run on Windows 95 or Windows 98. The price is $195. For more information or a demo disk, call 702-564-2798.

NRRPT Exam Review Course - We also offer a course, in Las Vegas, for those who need to review the material covered by the NRRPT exam. For more information, go to NRRPT Review Course.

About the NRRPT Certification Process

The National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists administers a program that leads to certification as a Radiation Protection Technologist. The certification is evidence that the holder has met the general requirements and passed a multiple choice examination to test competence in fundamental concepts required as a Radiation Protection Technologist. The examination is given on the first Saturday in May and November in 1997. The NRRPT organization now has a web site with information about the exam. The link to the web site is

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