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For information and prices on Zip drives, go here.

Specials -

Internal ATAPI Zip 100 MB Drive, $59. These were bought in multi-packs and are not in retail packaging. Part No. 366370A.

1. Jaz Drives - We don't have any and can't get Jaz drives. Please do not call about the drives as we are being swamped with calls for the drives and do not have any.

2. Jaz 2 GB disks, PC format, Pack of 1, $80, Part No. 729771.

3. Jaz 2 GB disk, MAC format, Pack of 1, $80, Part No. 729772.

5. Universal Power Supply for Jaz. Price $28. Part No. 366354. If you buy an external Jaz drive, a power supply comes with it, so there is no need to buy this one. Some people want an extra if they are going to use the Jaz at two or more locations.

6. Jaz Carrying Case - Large carrying case (10 x 12 inches) for Jaz Products. This is a high quality leather carrying case. Price $35. Part No. 729706.

7. Iomega PCMCIA to Fast SCSI II Adapter. Sold out.

8. Soft Disk Case for Jaz Disks - Price $25, Part No. 729763. This is a leather case that holds 3 Jaz disks.

9 Labels for Jaz disks - Pack of 10 labels - Price $4. Part No. 729755.

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