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Phone 702-564-2798 or Fax 702-558-7672

We have tried the Internet phone service offered by IDT's Net2Phone and found it very satisfactory. The software is free, and is easy to set up and use. Call from any where in the world to any phone in the United States for 10 cents per minute. Call the United Kingdom for 10 cents per minute. Call Denmark for 12 cents a minute or Germany for 10 cents a minute. With Net2Phone, most 800 numbers and 888 numbers in the United States are free from anywhere in the world. Click on the the banner below for more information and to download the software. But before you click, we recommend bookmarking this page, because your back button will not bring you back to this page once you reach the Net2Phone site. Their site seems to interfere with the operation of the "back" button. Please note that if you have a 486 type computer, you will need to download version 711 of the Net2Phone software.

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For more information call 1-702-564-2798 or email