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This page contains descriptions of books on physics and related topics.

We specialize in books related to nuclear science, including radiation protection, radiochemistry, nuclear physics, nuclear medicine, etc.

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1. An Introduction to the Physics of High Energy Accelerators

by D.A. Edwards and M.J. Syphers

This volume covers the basic physics at work in high energy accelerators, and how the language that has developed in this field expresses that basic physics. It is a textbook geared toward the training of physicists, engineers, and operators who work with these devices as well as students who wish to learn about high energy accelerators. It is accessible to a wide audience. In fact, the fundamental material on particle motion in strong-focusing systems requires only the first colleg-level course in electricity and magnetism. Throughout, there is emphasis on elementary methods of solution. Published 1992, 292 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W201.

2. Theoretical Nuclear Physics

by Herman Feshbach, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This volume is the compilation of a major study in nuclear physics which began with: Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Volume 1; Nuclear Structure. Focusing on nuclear reactions, this work is a valued contribution to the field of theoretical nuclear physics. Published 1991, 959 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W202

3. Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Volume 1; Nuclear Structure

by Amos deShalit, Weisman Institute, Israel, and Herman Feshbach, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

This first volume describes the fundamental principles underlying the present nuclear structure and interactions. To understand nuclear phenomena the authors have borrowed concepts and methods from every subdiscipline such as statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, atomic and molecular physics, chemical reactions, the physics of solids and liquids, optics and sound wave propagation, and elementary particle physics. Published 1990, 978 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W203.

4. Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers

by Peter B. Kahn, State University of New York at Stony Brook

This volume introduces the reader to nonlinear problems and the associates models that occur in the diverse fields of science and engineering. The first part of the book develops a mastery of linear systems, with an emphasis on perturbation of approximation techniques that are relatively easy to use and are applicable to a wide variety of problems. Special attention is given to asymptotic methods. The second part of the book extends the discussion to nonlinear problems, including weakly nonlinear oscillatory systems and nonlinear difference equations. The two parts merge smoothly, many of the nonlinear techniques arising from the study of linear systems. Published 1990, 469 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W204

5. Principles of Symmetry, Dynamics, and Spectroscopy

by William G. Hartner, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

This book is designed to explain the applications of group theory and symmetry analysis to physics by using a novel physical approach. Prof. Hartner breaks down the complex mathematics of group theory representation by first introducing the simplest physical problem to show and prove each mathematical concept. These important mathematical quantities are discussed and derived after their need is demonstrated by a physical problem. This approach enables the reader to tackle more complex problems by synthesizing simpler mathematical concepts. This book is a valuable contribution to the rapidly growing field of laser spectroscopy. Published 1993, 846 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W205

6. A Scientist's and Engineer's Guide to Workstations and Super Computers (coping with UNIX, RISC, Vectors, and Programming)

by Rubin H. Landau, Oregon State University, Corvallis and Paul J. Fink, Jr., Thinking Machines Corporation, Cambridge, MA

This user-friendly guide offers the basics on Unix commands and on setting up and using workstations, and goes on to simplify the once-daunting tasks of transferring files between work stations and adjusting X windows. Complete with an accompanying computer disk packed with practice programs and data files, this book will increase your creativity, productivity, and effectiveness on the job by demonstrating how you can quickly learn to wield one of your most formidable tools-the Unix System. Published in 1993, 390 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W206

7. Intermediate Classical Dynamics with Applications to Beam Physics

by Lee Michelotti, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois

This book is a "mathematical halfway house" between more comprehensive and scholarly tomes and introductory materials. Uniquely, the emphasis is placed on beam physics, particularly the orbits of particles in synchrotrons and storage rings. Written at a level suitable for first-year graduate student or senior undergraduate physics students, this text draws from acclerator issues for its motivations and examples rather than from celestial mechanics, as several other texts on dynamics do. The applications covered in this book focus on areas of interest to beam and particle accelerator physicists, and engineers working in these fields. Published 1995, 360 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W207

8. Atomic Collisions

by Earl W. McDaniel, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta; J.B.A. Mitchell, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario; and M. Eugene Rudd, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

This companion volume to the comprehensive " Atomic Collisions: Electron and Photon Projectiles" is the latest treatment available of heavy particle projectile collisions. It covers the collisions of atoms, molecules, and ions, plus experiments while seamlessly integrating modern theory whenever appropriate. This book is self-contained and highlighted with complete references and problems at the end of each chapter. Along with its valuable companion volume, this book is an invaluable reference for a dynamic discipline. Published 1993, 681 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W208

9. Atomic Collisions: Electron and Photon Projectiles

by Earl W. McDaniel, Georgia Institute of Technology

This book was published in 1989, 699 pages. Please call for price. Ref No. W209

10. Algebraic Methods in Molecular and Nuclear Structure Physics

by Alejandro Frank, Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico, and Pieter Van Isacker, University of Surrey, England, and Grand Accelerateur National d'lons, Lourdes, France

This book provides the basic technical background required in the applications of algebraic models in nuclear physics, with an emphasis on group-theoretical techniques. The material is divided into three parts of increasing mathematical complexity. Part I is designed to familiarize the reader with the concepts and terminology of group theory as well as with the basic features of boson-fermion systems. Part II is devoted to the study of molecular algebraic models and Part III deals with the interacting boson model of nuclear structure. Published in 1994, 488 pages. Please call for price. Ref No. W210

11. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory

by Franz Gross, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia

This book was developed as a textbook for a second-year, graduate level course in physics. It offers an original, modern approach designed for students learning advanced quantum mechanics for the first time. To that end, the book begins with a presentation of subjects every Ph.D. physicist should know: quantization of the electromagnetic field; relativistic one body wave equations; and the theoretical explanation for atomic decay. Once the foundation is laid, subsequent chapters introduce major topics needed to prepare the student for advanced work. Examples are included from atomic and nuclear physics, as well as particle physics. Published 1993, 629 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W211

12. Particle Physics

by Brian R. Martin, University College, London, and Graham Shaw, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

This book provides a short and up-to-date introduction to particle physics. It is written for undergraduate students and requires an elementary knowledge of quantum mechanics and relativity without involving the reader in heavy mathematics. Throughout this volume the emphasis is on the interpretation of experimental observations in light of general theoretical ideas based on quarks, leptons, and their interactions. There is an extensive use of symmetry principles and Feynmann diagrams. A set of problems is provided for each chapter with brief solutions at the end. Published 1992, 330 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W212

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