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Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.
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Main Computer Products Page

Links Related to the Zip Drive

Software for reading MAC disks on a PC and vice versa

Zip drives, disks and accessories

A page of general information about Zip drives

Which model of Zip should I buy?

The Zip drive and SCSI Adapters - Information

Information and photos of various cables

Adapters and cables, especially for Zip and Jaz.

Order form

Links Related to the Jaz Drive

Jaz drives, disks and accessories

Detailed information about the Jaz drive

The Jaz drive and Unix systems

Tape Drives

Technical information about the Ditto tape drives

Ditto tape drives

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ditto

Miscellaneous Pages

Music of the Civil War

Display Cases for Merchandise

Voice Xpress for Medicine and Office

Fisher Space Pens - Premium quality writing pens

Adapters and cables, especially for Zip and Jaz.

Translation Software

Software for backups

Desktop projectors by Proxima

Search engine for books.

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