Voice Xpress Voice Recognition Software

Voice Xpress by Lernout and Hauspie

Sold by Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.

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Talk rather than type with speech to text software. The software requires at least 48 MB of RAM and a Sound Blaster 16 sound card or one that is 100% compatible with the Sound Blaster 16. With practice, it is possible to produce written documents faster than by typing.

1. Voice Xpress Plus, by Lernout and Hauspie. Includes Voice Power for Microsoft Word (allows voice dictation directly into Word or create documents in the Voice Express word processor). Also includes headset and microphone. Price $29. Part No. 07990.

2. Voice Xpress for Medicine, version 4.0 offers three editions as follows:

The Medical Compendium Edition contains one vocabulary compiled from several specialities including cardiology, mental health, primary care, emergency medicine and radiology. This edition is designed for the general practitioner who needs to create reports, documents, referral letters, journal articles, etc., containing the vocabulary of any of these specialties. Part No. VXM1400. Price $499.

The Specialty Suite Edition contains twelve separate vocabulary versions including internal medicine, primary care, emergency medicine, pathology, neurology, oncology, radiology, orthopedics, neonatology, mental health, general surgery and cardiology. Each vocabulary is designed to assist the specialist with the creation of documentation particular to that speciality. Part No. VS4M2400. Price $799.

The Mental Health Edition contains a vocabulary that can be used by mental health professionals to create documentation used in the mental health arena. Part No. VX4M3400. Price $599.

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