Marinelli Beakers

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Roswell, Georgia

We sell Marinelli Beakers for gamma analysis. These beakers are designed for the most symmetrical sample-detector geometry that can be achieved for this type of Marinelli beakers. These beakers have lids with a unique interlocking design which helps prevent spills or leakage of samples. The inner cavity of the 0.5 liter beaker, that fits over the detector, is 78 mm wide. The thickness of each leg is approximately 16 mm and the length of each leg, from the top of the detector, is 66 mm. The total height of the container is 106 mm. The beaker is also available in the 1 liter size. Discounts are available for quantity purchases. Please call for prices and other information. A sketch of the half liter beaker is shown below.

For more information call Dr. Hermon Rao at the number below or see the website at the link below.

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