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Regulatory Compliance Kits

Regulatory Compliance has become an on-going activity in virtually all environments. OSHA is actively citing facilities for not complying with their regulations and many times issuing hefty fines. Insurance companies are also insisting that facilities implement compliance programs in order to keep their liability coverage in force. And employees have become very interested in anything affecting their health and safety.

Regulatory Compliance and Annual Retraining Kits provide materials that all facilities need to come into compliance with OSHA and DOT regulations. The Compliance Manuals, Videotapes, Booklets and other products are straightforward and easy to use, making them a very cost-effective approach to compliance.

The Kit includes a Videotape, 30 Employee Booklets, 5 motivational Posters, and a Compliance Manual. The Videotape Program in the Kit comes with a comprehensive Leader's Guide, reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Form, Employee Quiz, Training Certificate and Training Log.

Videos, Posters and Booklets on each Regulatory Compliance Kit category are also available separately.

Call or fax in your order at the numbers listed above.

Regulatory Compliance Kits

Click on the title for a detailed product description

K000ASBVEO Asbestos Awareness Compliance Kit $295.00
K000B2IVEO Bloodborne Pathogens in Commercial & Light Industrial Facilities Compliance Kit $395.00
K000B2FVEO Bloodborne Pathogens in First Response Environments Compliance Kit $395.00
K000B2HVEO Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities Compliance Kit $395.00
K000B2YVEO Bloodborne Pathogens in Heavy Industry Compliance Kit $395.00
K000B2PVER Bloodborne Pathogens… A Retraining Program Compliance Kit $195.00
K000CSEVEC Confined Space Entry Compliance Kit $395.00
K000CFSVER Confined Space Entry… A Retraining Program Compliance Kit $195.00
K000DGSVE0 DOT General Awareness Compliance Kit $295.00
K000D2SVEO DOT Safety Training Compliance Kit $295.00
K000EPLVEX Emergency Planning Compliance Kit $395.00
K000K2SVEO Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety Regulatory Compliance Kit $395.00
K000HESVE0 Hearing Conservation and Safety Regulatory Compliance Kit $395.00
K000AQIVEO Indoor Air Quality Compliance Kit $295.00
K000LTRVEO Lock-Out/Tag-Out Compliance Kit $395.00
K000LTRVER Lock-Out/Tag-Out… A Retraining Program Compliance Kit $195.00
K000LASVEO OSHA Laboratory Standard, The - Compliance Kit $395.00
K000LSDVER OSHA Laboratory Standard, The… A Retraining Program Compliance Kit $195.00
K000LDSVEO OSHA Lead Standards Compliance Kit $395.00
K000LDSVER OSHA Lead Standards… A Retraining Program Compliance Kit $195.00
K000PPSVEO Personal Protective Equipment Regulatory Compliance Kit $395.00
K000R2SVEO Respiratory Protection and Safety Regulatory Compliance Kit $395.00
K000RAUVEO Right-To-Know for Auto Service Facilities Compliance Kit $595.00
K000RBLVEO Right-To-Know for Building & Construction Companies Compliance Kit $595.00
K000RCMVEO Right-To-Know for Cleaning & Maintenance Operations Compliance Kit $595.00
K000RHCVEO Right-To-Know for Healthcare Facilities Compliance Kit $595.00
K000RINVEO Right-To-Know for Industrial Facilities Compliance Kit $595.00
K000LABVEO Right-To-Know for Laboratory Environments Compliance Kit $595.00
K000FODVEO Right-To-Know for the Food Retailing Industry Compliance Kit $595.00
K000RHSVEO Right-To-Know for the Hospitality Industry Compliance Kit $595.00
K000CHMVER Right-To-Know... A Retraining Program Compliance Kit $195.00
K000SPSVEO Supported Scaffolding Safety Compliance Kit $295.00
K000TSFVEX Tuberculosis In the First Responder Environment Compliance Kit $295.00
K000TSHVEX Tuberculosis In the Healthcare Environment Compliance Kit $295.00
K000TSIVEX Tuberculosis In the Institutional Environment Compliance Kit $295.00

Confined Space Entry Video

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