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Safety videos include Accident Investigation, Back Safety, First Aid, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Crane Safety, Hazardous Spills, Electrical Safety, Hazardous materials, Eye Safety, Fall Protection, Heat Stress, Ladder Safety, Machine Guard Safety, Safety Showers, Welding Safety, Asbestos Awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens, Confined Space, Hearing Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection, Right to Know, Tuberculosis in Health Care, Material Safety Data Sheets, Safety showers and eyewashes, Fire Prevention, Chemical Hazards, Emergency Response, RCRA, Driving Safety, Hearing Conservation and many more.

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We offer a full line of Safety Training Videos on Health, and Regulatory Compliance topics. In addition to the videos we have for shipment, we are now offering online training in more than 100 topics. The price of the online training is $25 per access for 1 to 9 accesses, $22 for 10 - 49 accesses and $19 for 50 - 99 accesses. Please call us at 702-564-2798 to register for these online courses.

The different types of safety training products include: Safety videos, DVDs, Training Kits, Safety Booklets, Safety Posters and a line of computer-based Safety Games. If you can't find precisely what you are looking for on this website then we encourage you to visit another safety training video website.

Get your safety training program off to a good start with these high quality products. For your convenience we have posted an OSHA cross reference sheet to help you select the products that you may require.

HAZWOPER Safety Video Packages - Please note that there are two packages which can make your HAZWOPER training a breeze. We have a package of safety training videos to assist in training for the 40 hour HAZWOPER training course and another package of safety training tapes for the 8 hour HAZWOPER Refresher training.

All videos are also available in DVD format and can be ordered online in either DVD or VHS format. All of these products are also available in Spanish but the Spanish version cannot be ordered online. Please call us to order the Spanish versions.

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We accept returns only for defective items. Please be sure to view the sample clip before ordering. You will need to have "Flash Player" installed on your computer to view the clip. Flash Player is easily installed from the Internet at no cost if you do not already have it.

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