Fisher Space Pens

The Fisher Space Pen has many unique characteristics. It has a pressurized cartridge and writes upside down or at any angle. The pen comes in many styles and over a wide range of prices. If you are a doctor, nurse, fireman, policeman or simply like a good pen, try the Fisher Space Pen.

Fisher Space Pens Are Sold by Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.

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To see photos and to order, click on the part number of the pen and that will bring you to a shopping cart and photo.

Engraving and other types of customization are available. Please consult the PDF file on engraving for details. Engraving is best suited for the black matte or other colored pens. It does not show up well against a chrome background.

We also stock a black matte bullet pen with clip which is laser engraved with insignia of either the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines or Navy. The bullet pens with military insignia are shown in the second category below.

Other types of Space Pens are as follows:

Facts about the Fisher Space Pens

The Fisher Space Pen was selected by NASA for its unique capabilities and was used by Astronauts on all manned space flights.

It writes in any position without stopping. Because the refill is sealed and pressurized, it allows you to write upside down, underwater, on glossy photos, over grease and in extreme temperatures, -50 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Space Pen ink cartridge is permanently sealed so that it cannot back-leak and the ink cannot evaporate, thereby increasing the shelf life to an estimated 100 years.

Fisher Space Pen

We also sell Cross Pens and Hand Crafted Wooden Pens

The above pen is hand made from a wood called Afzelia Burl

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