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Radiation Safety Training by Nevada Technical Associates

Radiation Safety Training is our specialty. We provide consulting and training in radiation safety and related areas. Our typical courses include Radiation Safety Officer, Radiation Safety Officer Refresher, Transportation of Radioactive Materials, Environmental Radiochemistry, Decontamination and Decommissioning, NRRPT Exam Review and many more. We have also recently added online training to our product line as well as Radiation Safety Videos.

Many of our technical courses take place in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the most popular locations for conventions and meetings. In addition to Las Vegas, we offer courses in many other cities, including Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida; Arlington, Texas, San Antonio, Texas; Shreveport, Louisiana; Dulles, Virginia; Stoney Brook, New York and San Diego, California. We can also offer these courses at your site to fit your needs. We will travel anywhere – well almost anywhere.

Our instructors have at least 20 years of education and experience in the areas that they teach. Most of our courses have been approved for continuing education units by the American Academy of Health Physics and the American Board of Industrial Hygiene. We offer 10 distinct courses with multiple classes throughout the year. We also offer onsite courses and audits to fit the customers needs.

In addition to our courses on radiation safety, we also sell a wide variety of training aids on other safety topics. We sell videos, posters, booklets software to assist with your training program. See the links along the left of this page to find out about these products.

Consulting: If you have consulting needs in health physics, radiochemistry or data validation, please contact us. In health physics, we can provide certified health physicists to solve your problems. In radiochemistry and in radiological data validation, we can provide experts with many years of experience in producing and evaluating radiological data.

Please call or e-mail us if you would like to be added to our mailing list.