Radiation Safety Officer Refresher

radiation safety refresher courseThis Radiation Safety Officer Refresher course is for Radiation Safety Officers, Assistant Radiation Safety Officers and others who need a technical refresher course.

Registration – You may register by any of several methods, Online, by Phone or via Fax. Those who register online will receive an immediate confirmation. If you register by phone or fax, we will fax a confirmation to you within one day. It is important that you receive the confirmation, so be sure to call us if you do not get a confirmation. If you need more information about course content, we can send a course outline by fax.

We are offering the Radiation Safety Officer Refresher course at the locations given below. Click on the link for more details.

Online Course

Las Vegas, Nevada

Atlanta, Georgia

Topics to be covered include a review of: radiation fundamentals, regulations, instruments, licensing, amendments, audits, dosimetry, training, wastes, decommissioning, emergency response, and maintaining a radiation safety program. An optional questions and answer session will be held after the first day of training.

If our schedule for the RSO Refresher course does not fit your needs, you may also attend any two days of our 5 day Radiation Safety Officer course as a refresher course. This offer is good for any location and because we have many more locations and choices for the 5 day course, this option allows more flexibility. Please call for more information or to register for this option.

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