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This page is a collection of Robert W. Holloway’s public writings and posts he made over the years since founding Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.

Rebuttals to Conspiracy Theories, Misinformation, and Misconceptions about Nuclear Energy and the Nuclear Industry

A Series of Rebuttals to Dr. Helen Caldicott’s 1997 Los Angeles Times Article

Many who work in the nuclear industry and the profession of radiation safety believe that the public is needlessly fearful of nuclear power and radioactive materials. One of the most outspoken critics of the use of radioactive materials is Dr. Helen Caldicott. Dr. Robert Holloway devoted a section of the Nevada Technical Associates website to respond to Caldicott’s fear-mongering article that was published in the Los Angeles times on Sunday, November 30th, 1997.

Leuren Moret, Doug Rokke and Others Mislead Public on Depleted Uranium

There is a great deal of false information on the Internet about depleted uranium. One such retailer of false information is Leuren Moret. In this article Robert Holloway took a close look at an instance where Ms. Moret had ample opportunity to correct false information, at Robert’s request, and failed to do so.


Great Speeches and Writings in American History

This is a collection of Robert Holloway’s favorite speeches and writings. This collection includes speeches from Abraham Lincoln, Theadore Roosevelt, Douglas MacArthur, George F. Keenan, and more.

Genetic Anthropology

The Ancient Roots of Milk Tolerance and Its Genetic Dependence

Robert Holloway became interested in the subject of milk tolerance and its genetic origin. It is known that most of the world’s population cannot easily consume milk because adults cannot digest the milk sugar lactose. However, some populations, such as those whose origins are in North Central Europe, can digest milk. The ability to digest milk apparently is due to a mutation that happened one or more times in North Central Europe several thousand years ago. It is believed that this mutation spread in the Funnel Beaker Culture approximately 8,000 years ago. Even now the ability to drink milk is most common in areas in or near the area occupied by the Funnel Beaker Culture. The Funnel Beaker Culture takes its name from the characteristic pottery made by those people. The pottery often has a flared rim in the upper few inches of the vessel, so that the opening of the vessel is widest along the top rim. It is believed that cattle and milk products were important to the Funnel Beaker Culture. A more detailed discussion is given in a self-published article found at this link.


Experts on Thermodynamics Refute Creationist Claims

How Creationists Misrepresent the Carbon-14 Dating Method

Bert Thompson and the Carboniferous Footprints

Evolution of a Creationist Quote


The Quality of Journalism at the WorldNetDaily

The Quality of American Government

Genealogy/Family History

A Biography of Elijah Hanks

Arkansas – Van Buren County Historical Society


A Nuclear Furnace


The Bernoulli Box