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The course fee is $1700 – An optional math review session is available on the weekend prior to the course for $475.

2024 Course Dates:

February 19 – 23, 2024 (NRRPT Exam Review only) [course cancelled]

February 17 – 23, 2024 (NRRPT Exam Review  + Math Review Combo) [course cancelled]

August 5 – 9, 2024 (NRRPT Exam Review Only) [register online]

August 3 – 9, 2024 (NRRPT Exam Review + Math Review Combo) [register online]

Course Location:

To be determined.

Registration: You may register for this course online, by fax or by telephone. If you wish to register online, please see the above link next to the course date, if via telephone (or fax), please call 702-564-2798. The week of the course is also the week of the official NRRPT Exam on Saturday. The examination is usually given in Las Vegas but attendees should make separate arrangements to take the official exam. Nevada Technical Associates has no connection with the official NRRPT examination.

The course fee is $1700 – An optional math review session is available on the weekend prior to the course for $475. This optional math review session may be added to your online registration when registering online, or be sure to mention it when registering by phone.  See more details about the math review session below.

This NRRPT Review course is designed for individuals preparing to take the examination administered by the National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists (NRRPT). The course will be valuable for others who require an understanding of radiation protection practices and regulations. This course covers the three general categories covered by the NRRPT examination. These are: (1) Applied Radiation Protection (2) Detection and Measurements and (3) Fundamentals. Daily quizzes and practice examinations provide additional practice on questions similar to those found in the NRRPT examination. The textbook for the course is the well known book by Daniel Gollnick. Each student will receive a copy of the book at no extra cost.

Las Vegas is usually an examination site but this should be confirmed with the NRRPT organization since the exam may not always be given at every site. Attendees are advised to check with the NRRPT organization well in advance to register for the exam as the deadline is approximately two months before the test date. If you wish to take the official NRRPT exam, arrangements must be made directly with the NRRPT organization. We do not proctor the exam and have no connection with the NRRPT organization. The deadline to apply for the exam is usually about two months prior to the exam. For more information about the exam locations, see this link.

Math Review ($475): There is an optional two day math review prior to our NRRPT Exam Review course. This optional class is highly recommended for students who find math challenging and need extra math instruction in order to pass the NRRPT exam. Each attendee in the class will receive a copy of the text “Problem Solving in Preparation for the NRRPT Exam” by Davide Waite and James Mayberry. This test book is endorsed by the NRRPT as an exam preparation guide. This review session will start at approximately 10 a.m. and end at 4:00 p,m. each day. The cost of this math review is $475 and can be added to your invoice for the course. If you register online, you will have a chance to add this event to your schedule and invoice. If you register by phone, be sure to mention it if you would like to attend.

It has been the instructors experience that most students taking the NRRPT test need a refresher in radiation related mathematics. Using a number of NRRPT level problems, the class will focus on a review of algebraic principals, logarithms, exponentials, and statistical applications related to radiation protection problems. Class time will be devoted to learning more about how to operate a scientific calculator. It is recommended that students purchase a TI-30 scientific calculator (est. cost ~ $12) which can be used to prepare and take the exam. A number of problems will be reviewed in class and practice exercises will be given both days.

Hotel Information: The course will be held at Fairfield Inn by Marriott.

Fairfield Inn by Marriott.
3850 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169
United States
Phone: (702) 791-0899

You will need to call and book your hotel room reservation with the hotel separately.

Is There a Deadline for Registering?

We have no deadline for registering for the course but recommend that you register as early as possible, preferably more than 30 days prior to the course. The deadline to apply for the official NRRPT exam is normally about 2 months in advance of the exam.

NRRPT Exam Review Software: Nevada Technical Associates, Inc. has developed software that allows the user to practice taking the NRRPT exam. Go to this link for information about the NRRPT Exam Review Software

Some comments from previous attendees:

After your course, the exam was deja-vu.

Extremely well organized course: you stay on track and cut through the BS to keep presenting relevant and understandable information.

I took two previous NRRPT courses from two other companies and this was by far the best.

No one has explained regulations as well as you or provided as easy to use thumb rules.

About the NRRPT Certification Process: The National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists administers a program that leads to certification as a Radiation Protection Technologist. The certification is evidence that the holder has met the general requirements and passed a multiple choice examination to test competence in fundamental concepts required as a Radiation Protection Technologist. The NRRPT organization now has a web site with information about the exam. The link to the web site is

Pricing for Onsite NRRPT Exam Review Courses: Please contact us to receive a formal quote. If you have many people to train this is often the most cost-effective method.