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radiation safety videos dvdsGuaranteed for Three Years: We guarantee all of the videos and DVDs listed below to be remain free from defects for three years from the date of purchase. This includes damage due to dust, spills or any other source of damage. If your tape or DVD stops working, just return it to us for a free replacement.

Radiation Safety Videos (available in DVD format only):

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1. Radiation Safety for Medical Facilities, 70 minutes. Price $395, Produced in 2007

Part No. DVD18, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

2. New! Radiation Safety for Sealed Sources 24 minutes. Price $295, Produced in 2007, for users of portable radiation instruments, gauge users and any other users of shielded and sealed sources.

Part No. DVD19, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

3. New! Radiation Safety for X-Ray Generating Devices, 17 minutes. Price $295, Produced in 2007

Part No. DVD20, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

4. Laboratory Radiation Safety, 68 minutes. Price $395, Produced in 2006

Part No. DVD12, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

5. Radiation Safety for Non-Rad workers 6 minutes. Price $195,

Part No. DVD7, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

6. Practical Radiation Safety. 25 minutes, Price $295,

Part No. DVD8, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

7. Practical Radiation Safety and Industrial Radiography. 28 minutes, Price $295,

Part No. DVD14, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

8. Radiation and Pregnancy (for patients) 17 minutes. Price $195

Part No. DVD9, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

9. Radiation and Pregnancy (for Health Care Workers). Price $295, 18 minutes

Part No. DVD10, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

10. Fetal Effects of Diagnostic Radiation Exposure Price $395, 36 minutes

Part No. DVD11, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

11. Radiation Safety for First Responders, Price $295, 33 minutes.

Part No. DVD13, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

12. First Responder Package, two videos or two DVDs, consisting of Practical Radiation Safety and Radiation Safety for First Responders, Price $550, 28 minutes and 33 minutes. This price is a $40 savings over the total individual prices.

Part No. PKGDVD17, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

13. Medical Effects of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiation, Price $295, 33 minutes

Part No. DVD15, Call 702-564-2798 to order.

14. Radiation Safety Refresher, Price $295, 24 minutes

Part No. DVD21, Call 702-564-2798 to order., Call 702-564-2798 to order.

Other Radiation Safety Training Products

Radiation Safety Officer Training for Industrial Radiographers CD-Rom Course w/Manual ($695) – RSO-IR-CD1

The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) course is CD-ROM based for Industrial Radiography written by Dr. Donald Hastings.  It is a self-study course for RSO candidates for x-ray, gamma and neutron radiography.  The course includes a CD-ROM or Flash Drive together with the Nevada Technical Associates (NTA) “Radiation Safety Officer” manual.  The course is based on a 40 hour RSO course taught by the author.  Topics are based on the NTA RSO course and on the authors experience with industrial x-ray, gamma and neutron radiography.  The course has multiple choice practice questions at the end of each lesson.  There is a final exam from randomly chosen questions that the RSO candidate must pass to obtain the RSO certificate.  The certificate provides the documentation that the RSO candidate meets the requirement of “adequate formal training in the establishment and maintenance of a radiation safety protection program” as required by 10CFR34.42.

The cost of the CD-ROM and Manual is $695.00

CD-Rom Course Lessons:

  1. Introduction and Fundamental Concepts
  2. Radiation Decay
  3. Interaction of Radiation with Matter
  4. Radiation Detection and Measurement
  5. Biological Effects of Radiation
  6. Shielding
  7. Personnel Dosimetry: Devices & Methods
  8. Regulations and Guidance
  9. Radiological Surveys, Controls and Documents
  10. Radioactive Material Transportation and Disposal Regulations
  11. Radiological Emergencies
  12. Radiation Safety Programs for the RSO
  13. Neutron Radiography
  14. Final Exam


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