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Nevada Test Site 1957
Shot Fizeau – an eleven kiloton nuclear device set off at the Nevada Test Site on September 14, 1957

Radiation Safety Courses at Your Location

Nevada Technical Associates, Inc. offers onsite courses on such topics as radiation safety, NRRPT Exam Review, radiochemistry, data validation, transportation of radioactive materials, liquid scintillation counting, gamma spectroscopy and many others. To read a full listing of the courses that can be given onsite, go to the link to our course schedule at the bottom of this page. In addition, we can create new courses to fit your needs.

Onsite courses have a number of advantages over open enrollment courses if your organization has several people needing training. There is the potential for substantial cost savings in travel and lodging. There is also the possibility of lower average cost per person for the basic fees for the course. In addition, onsite courses can be customized to suit your needs or developed entirely for your organization. Normally, onsite courses become a viable option when you have five or more people requiring training. We work with a large number of instructors with many different skills, so we are not limited to the course content on these web pages.


The approximate pricing for most onsite training courses is $14,000 for locations within the Continental United States. This price includes travel expenses. Please contact us to receive a formal quote.

Other Courses

If you are interested in training on topics that are not listed here, call us and we will work with you to develop an onsite course to fit your needs.

Here are some comments from student evaluations:

This is the best course that I have had in my 16 year professional career.

-an attendee of the Environmental course.

The instructors were impressive experts and superior speakers.

– from an attendee of the Radiochemistry course.

The instructor presented the regulations better than anyone I have ever heard

– an attendee of the Radiation Safety Officer course.

The course was exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much!

– an M.D. from Hershey Medical Center writing about our RSO course.

Great presentation. An excellent complement to the text. I highly recommend the course

– an attendee of the Radiochemistry course.