Radiation Safety for Authorized Users and Supervisors of Authorized Users

Las Vegas, Nevada (Course fee $800)

Future Dates to be determined

This two day course is designed for authorized users of radioactive materials and supervisors of authorized users. It is an introductory course that is suitable for those with no previous training in radiation safety and as a refresher course for those who have had previous formal training.

This course provides training in the following subjects:

  1. Atomic and nuclear structure
  2. Principles of radioactive decay
  3. Radioactive Decay Processes, including alpha emission, gamma emission and beta emission
  4. Radiation Detection Instruments including gas filled instruments, scintillation detectors and semi-conductors
  5. Interaction of Radiation with Matter including interaction of alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays
  6. Biological Effects of Radiation
  7. Shielding
  8. Radiological Surveys, Records and Documentation

REGISTRATION – You may register by any of several methods. When online registration is available, you will be able to click on a link next to the course date. You may also call us to register or fax the registration form that is available in our brochure.

Those who register online will receive an immediate confirmation. If you register by phone or fax, we will fax a confirmation to you within one day. It is important that you receive the confirmation, so be sure to call us if you do not get a confirmation. If you need more information about course content, we can send a course outline by fax.

While we have no deadline for course registrations, we suggest registering at least 30 days in advance to get the best rates for airfares and hotel.

LOCATION – HOTEL INFORMATION: The course will be held at the Microtel Inn and Suites at 55 E. Windmill Road, in Las Vegas. This is one block off the extreme south end of the Las Vegas Strip. The phone number of the hotel is 800-771-7171. The hotel has agreed to provide rooms at a rate no higher than the government rate and possibly less. As of September, their rate for the November course is $75 per night. The government rate is $108.

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