Radiation Safety Officer, Industrial Radiography

Radiation Safety Officer, Industrial Radiography

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The fee for this course is $1,450.00

Course Date: There are no course dates currently scheduled for this course.

Course Location: Baymont Inn and Suites, 55 East Robindale Rd., Las Vegas, NV.
Hotel Phone Number: 702-273-2500

This 5 day course is designed to train Radiation Safety Officers who will oversee and supervise industrial radiography operations at their company. This course provides formal training for technical and practical information to prepare an individual to be an effective radiation safety officer for both x-ray and gamma radiography.

The course is intended to give the candidate the information to meet Federal and State requirements for running a radiation protection program for radiography. Prior training in radiography is recommended for those who take this course. Formal training in radiation safety is helpful but not required for this course. Topics in this course include fundamentals of radiation, interaction of radiation with matter, biological effects of radiation, detection and measurement of radiation, controlling radiation, regulations and guides, surveys, records, documentation, transportation regulations, operating and emergency procedures, training of radiographers, setting up an ALARA program and establishing and maintaining a radiation safety program for RSOs

The instructor for this course is Dr. Don Hastings, who received his Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry from the University of Missouri. He has developed and taught training courses in industrial radiography and related subjects. He has worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory and at Mound Laboratory in Miamisburg, Ohio. He was formerly Executive Director of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, in Columbus, Ohio.