Radiation Safety Officer Training Course in San Jose, California

Radiation Safety Officer Training Course in San Jose, California

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Radiation Safety Officer Course in San Jose
The fee for this course is $1850.

There are no courses currently scheduled for San Jose, California. Please check the schedule for Fremont, California.

Registration: You may register by any of several methods, online, via fax or by telephone. If you would like to register online, click on the link beside the course date above.

Course Details: 

This Radiation Safety Officer Training course is designed to provide the technical and practical information needed to prepare a person to be an effective radiation safety officer. It will also be useful as general introductory training for anyone who works with radioactive materials or who may be required to be an alternate radiation safety officer.

Topics to be covered include atomic structure, properties of ionizing radiation, shielding, radiation and biological effects of radiation exposure, radiation detection and measurement, state and federal regulations, dosimetry, emergency procedures, records/documentation and transportation regulations. The course outline is available below in PDF format.

Continuing Education Units: Approved for Continuing Units by the American Academy of Health Physics, The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) and the American Board of Industrial Hygiene. For the American Academy of Health Physics, the units granted are 32 C.E. Units, for the ASRT, it is 30.5 units and for the ABIH, it is 4.5 CM points. We will apply for Continuing Education Credits from other organizations if you will contact us at least 45 days prior to taking the course. Approval from other organizations is usually easy to get but some require that application be made prior to the course.

Units from the ASRT may be important to California residents because the state of California accepts these units in its program of continuing education required for renewing permits and certificates in radiologic technology.

Course Location:

No courses are currently scheduled for this location.

If you would like to receive a course outline by fax, please call us or see Outline in PDF format.

Is this course what I need to become a Radiation Safety Officer?

We have an extensive discussion of the above question at this link.

11-Feb 15-Feb RSO – San Jose