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Books on Health Physics, Dosimetry and Radiation Protection

1. Atoms, Radiation and Radiation Protection

by James E. Turner, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

This book describes the origins and properties of the different kinds of ionizing radiation, its detection and measurement, and the procedures used to protect humans and the environment from its harmful effects. Many practical, numerical examples are worked out with data, tables, and graphs provided. Descriptions of basic physical principles demonstrate their practical applicability and problem-solving potential. In this second edition, new material has been added on radon and a complete chapter on statistics replaces the short appendix of the first edition. Turner has mantained the basic approach and organization of the first edition while extending and updating necessary topics. May, 1995, 588 pages. Call for price. Ref. No. W100.

2. Contemporary Health Physics, Problems and Solutions

by Joseph John Bevelacqua, Wisconsin Electric Power Company.

This comprehensive book gives a detailed presentation of the broad spectrum of the health physics profession including basic radiation fundamentals, external and internal dosimetry, and the biological effects of radiation. Specialized areas of health physics, including the medical, university, power reactor, fuel cycle, environmental and accelerator areas, are addressed in detail with a focus toward providing quick, accurate assessments of radiation exposures. These assessments are covered in the text and in scenarios that represent challanges typically faced by a practicing health physicist. February, 1995. 440 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. W101. ISBN 471018015.

3. Radiation Dosimetry Instrumentation and Methods

by Gad Shani

Published in 1991, 272 pages. Please call for price. Ref. No. C117

4. Radiation Detection and Measurement

by Glen Knoll (2nd Edition)

This is one of the most comprehensive books on radiation detection and measurement. It is 784 pages and new information has been added since the first edition. This edition was published in March, 1989 Please call for price. Ref. No. W102

5. Table of Radioactive Isotopes

by Edgardo Browne and Richard B. Firestone, Edited by Virginia S. Shirley, Univ. of California at Berkely

A convenient source of radiation data which incorporates the changes dictated by present-day science and computer technology. Includes tables of adopted properties for all radiations emitted by nuclei, which were derived from experimental data plus reliable calculations ,along with adopted properties based on statistical analysses of existing experimental data alone. Other derived adopted properties (e.g. average photon energies per disintegration) are calculated when strong user demand is anticipated. Over 260 drawings accompany the text. Published 1986, 1056 pages, cloth. Please call for price. Because of the weight, contact us for a price quote on overseas airmail shipment. Ref. No. W103. ISBN 47184909-X

6. Table of Isotopes, 7th Edition

C. Michael Lederer and Virginia S. Shirley, Editors, Both of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

An up-to-date, concise, and readily usable compilation of nuclear data. Presents properties of the more than 2600 known isotopes, both stable and radioactive. Includes istopic mass, natural abundance, nuclear spin, neutron capture and fission cross sections, decay modes and branchings, decay energies, half-lives of excited states, and level schemes for each nucleus as determined from radioactive decay and from nuclear reactions. All data are comprehensively indexed. Published 1978, 1632 pages , paper. Please call for price. Contact us for a price quote on overseas airmail shipment. Ref. No. W104. ISBN 47184909-X

7. Radioactive Waste Management

by Robert E. Berlin and Catherine C. Stanton

A comprehensive guide to radioactive waste management. Presents an integrated review of the historical, regulatory, environmental, and technological aspects of this controversial topic. Describes waste forms and their parameters, programmatic measures, safety concerns and controls, and the technology of managing the various waste forms from generation to disposal. Also discusses how to remedy radiologically contaminated sites. Reviews the current work of governmental agencies and private contractors. Published in 1989, 444 pages, Cloth. Please call for price. Ref. No. W105. ISBN 471857920.

8. Radioactive and Stable Isotope Tracers in Biomedicine: Principles and Practice of Kinetic Analysis

by Robert R. Wolfe

An up-to-date, detailed, authoritative overview regarding all aspects of the theory and practice involved in utilizing isotopic tracers for the in-vivo study of human metabolic function. Presents specific technical information on performing tracer studies including isotope infusions, analysis and interpretation of data. Published 1992, 480 pages, cloth. Please call for price. Ref. No. W106. ISBN 471561312.

9. Periodic Table for Chromatographers

by Michael Lederer.

In a loose-leaf folder format it allows the user to align several periodic tables of chromatographic data for the comparison of properties thus facilitating the decision on a given separation. Offers some 100 such tables to give the maximum amount of information. Each table provides the data for 60 elements with 5 - 10 facts per element over a wide range of chemical properties. Published in 1992, 129 pages, cloth. Please call for price. Cat. No. W107

10. Radon and its Decay Products in Indoor Air

by W. W. Nazaroff and A. V. Nero (Environmetal Science and Technology: A Wiley Interscience Series of Texts and Monographs) 518 pages, cloth, 1987. Please call for price. Cat. No. W108.

ISBN 471628107.

11. Handbook of Radiobiology

by Kedar N. Prasad, Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, University of Colorado

This handbook presents the most current information on the effects of ionizing radiation on mammalian cells, with emphasis on human tissues. The dose-effect relationship is emphasized in a quantitative manner. The book contains current data on the late effects of low levels of radiation on humans. It also provides some of the late consequences of radiation therapy detected among cancer survivors. 184 equations, drawings and tables. The book includes: a. Recent studies on the interaction of radiation with hyperthermia, electronaffinic compounds, and other new radiomodifying agents. b. The effects of radiation on mutation, chromosomal damage, fetuses, and cancer incidence. c. Recent advances in identification. d. New tools to investigate the mechanisms of action of ionizing radiation on mammalian cells. e. The effect of radiation on the expression of several proto-oncogenes and oncogenes. f. Radiation-induced carcinogenesis in mechanistic terms. g. A separate section describing current strategy for cancer prevention. h. The revised concept of maximum permissible dose (MPD). Published in 1995, 352 pages, Please call for price. Cat. No. C101. ISBN 0-8493-2501-3.

12. Handbook of Dosimetry Data for Radiotherapy

Edited by Shirish K. Jani, University of Iowa College of Medicine.

The book features comprehensive data on external beam radiotherapy; brachytherapy sources; and special procedures, such as total body irradiation, total body electron therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, and intraoperative radiotherapy. External beam data includes depth doses for photon and electron beams of most widely used treatment machines, and the book's brachytherapy section contains the physical and radiation parameters of commonly used radioactive sources. Published in 1993, 208 pages, Please call for price. Cat. No. C100

13. CRC Handbook of Management of Radiation Protection Programs

Second Edition, Edited by Kenneth L. Miller

This edition offers guidance for managing radiation protection programs, ranging from daily operation of a health physics office to the preparation of radiation experts for court appearances as professional witnesses. The book covers such topics as organization and management of nonionizing radiation safety programs (with special emphasis on laser safety programs) and management of radioactive waste, personnel monitoring programs, radiation accident victims, internal exposure, relative radiotoxicity, and radiation therapy patients. The handling of radiation accidents and education and training requirements for radiation protection are also discussed. Legal aspects covered include the history of radiation court cases and legal aspects of record keeping. Published 1992, 496 pages. Please call for price. Cat. No. C113. ISBN 08493-3770-4.

14. Safety Features of Operating Light Water Reactors of Western Design

by Mirela Gavrilas, Pavel Hejzlar, Neil E. Todreas, and Youseff Shatilla, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This book presents and compares the safety features of operating light water reactors of Western design and classifies plants not formerly associated with any reactor type. It provides essential technical information (e.g. power rating and containment type) and operating dates for each plant with country maps showing reactor locations. The book diagrams the technology flow through licensing agreements, technical information exchanges, and technical cooperation agreements. Diagrams and tables are extensively used throughout the text to summarize information, making this an excellent reference source. Published 1995, 312 pages. Please call for price.

15. Radiation Hormesis

by T. D. Luckey

The idea that radiation may have some beneficial effect has been receiving increasing attention lately. This book discusses evidence for that theory. Published 1991, 320 pages. Please call for price.

16. Effects of Radiation, A Half-Century of Studies from Hiroshima and Nagasaki

by Jack Schull.

The author arrived in Japan in 1949 to join the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission and to establish what has become the largest and longest-term medical follow-up study to the bombing of Japan. In this new book, he summarizes the scientific conclusion of the ABCC studies and gives a personal account of the pertinent events and findings that have unfolded over the forty-odd years since the studies were initiated.

This new release covers the standards of acceptability associated with risks from ionizing radiation encountered in medical practice, the workplace, national defense, and even space flight. 320 pages, July, 1995. Please call for price. Cat. No. W109

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