Van Buren County, Arkansas Historical Society

Arkansas - Van Buren County Historical Society


Clinton, Arkansas

The Van Buren County Historical Society is located in Clinton, Arkansas. It operates a museum and publishes books on local history and maintains historical records and genealogical records of the local area. For additional information, call 501-745-4066 or write to the Van Buren County Historical Society at P.O. Box 1023, Clinton, AR 72031. The Museum is located at 3rd and Poplar Street in Clinton, Arkansas. When you are vacationing in Arkansas near Greer's Ferry Lake, drop by the Museum to see Arkansas as it was years ago.

The Van Buren County Historical Society announces the following new book available in late July or early August. The title is "Biographies of Van Buren County, Arkansas". Prepublication price is $30 and after publication, the price will be $35. Please contact the address above to purchase your copy.

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