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Radiation Safety Officer Mentoring Program

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Let our experienced and expert radiation safety professionals help you review and improve your radiation safety program. Our mentors have extensive experience as Radiation Safety Officers and are Certified Health Physicists.

Ten hours of Mentoring Services for New RSOs

Unless you have prior experience, stepping into the role of a Radiation Safety Officer can be a formidable task. One of our professionals can provide ten hours of consultation that includes the following topics, as well as others that are of concern to you:

  • license and license application materials
  • radiation safety program
  • program audits
  • dosimetry
  • instruments
  • surveys
  • inventory
  • regulations
  • shipping and receiving
  • training

We offer this ten hours of assistance at a cost of $1,000. If you are planning to attend one of our RSO courses, we can add the mentoring fee to the cost of the course and put it on one invoice. Call us at 702-564-2798 to sign up or for more information.