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What Attendees Say about our RSO Course

At the end of each course, the attendees are given a course evaluation form in which they give us valuable feedback on the quality of the course. The overall rating of the course by the attendees is highly positive with 70 to 80 percent of the ratings in the excellent or superior categories. Nevada Technical hires instructors not only on their technical ability but with great emphasis on their ability to communicate the information in an effective manner. For every 10 prospective instructors who have the technical knowledge to teach our courses, only about one person has the presentation skills necessary to be an effective instructor. We try to hire that top 10 percent to teach our courses and we believe that we meet that goal.

Some typical comments by attendees include the following:

The course was exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much. (This was from an M.D. from Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania.)

Ted presented the regulations better than anyone I have ever heard.

Great Presentation. An excellent complement to the text. I would also highly recommend the course.

The instructors were impressive experts, superior speakers, nice guys.

This is the best (radiochemistry) training course that I have had in my 16 year professional career.